Number Name Previous Names Doc Number Owner Location Info/Comments
1 T 423            
2 T 424 Knock-Na-Shee Edgerton,Morgan
NE Maritime Inst. New Bedford, MA Now owned by a Baltimore Pilot, tied up at Mike Effords (2003)
3 T 425 Irving Walnut Irving 1
Irving Oil St John, NB, Canada Reportedly used as a line handling boat at supertanker terminal in St John. Crossed Atlantic from Hythe with two other boats.
4 T 426           Conflicting info- possibly used by Cape Fear Technical Institute in late 70's
5 T 427 Lazy T Kyma
Patrick Criddle Norfolk VA Observed out of the water in 2000, undergoing renovation.
6 T 428            
7 T 429 Greylock Curlew
Herbert E. Smith New Bedford, MA Fishing, sank off Nantucket
8 T 430           Rumored to be a Navy vessel at Holy Loch, Scotland
9 T 431           Photo in swamp @Fernandina Beach, FL, sunk, flying bridge
10 T 432            
11 T 433 Atlantis Virginia Key     South carolina? In Baltimore-sold 1999- supposedly to a couple from the Carolinas for a liveaboard.
12 T 434 Patapsco  
A. Randall Jordan Baltimore Previously ACE vessel.
13 T 435 Irving Hazelnut  
Irving Oil St John, NB, Canada Used as a line handling vessel for supertankers in St. John. Crossed Atlantic with two other boats from Hythe, UK.
14 T 436 Aquarius Sea Search
    Listed as a fishing vessel, no further info
15 T 437 Surfbird     US Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska Photo on th Internet, dated 7-1-2001 in Tracey Arm, (AK?)
16 T 438 Cub  
California Maritime Academy California Training Vessel
17 T 439 Gryphon  
Sea Scouts Redwood City, CA Sea Scout Vessel
18 T 440 Lodestar YFRT 521, Dragon Lady, Dolly S
Joy Higgins Juneau, AK Fishing Vessel
19 T 441 T441 Thieme Song, R/V T 441, R/V Uconn
Bob and Michelle Waldron Baltimore, MD Reported sold 2003, no further info yet
20 T 442           Assigned to Ryukyu Command in the West Pacific in late 60's, nothing further.
21 T 443 Alaskan Salvor  
Del Hansen Ketchikan, AK Photo seen of Alaskan Salvor salvaging a seaplane.
22 T 444 Little Bear     California Maritime California Training Vessel
23 T 445 T445 Equinox, Sea Link, Golden Anchor, G.A. II
Wm. Hoey South Carolina Navy recreation boat, now private
24 T 446 Curlew  
US Fish and Wildlife Service Alaska? Photo seen on the web, maybe off California
25 T 447            
26 T 448 Polaris  
Rod Daniels Dutch Harbor, AK Photo seen, fishing vessel
27 T 449 T 449  
Eugene Melville Martinez, CA photo on the web
28 T 450 Barclay Stephens  
Sea Scouts Alameda, CA Photo on the web, FOR SALE!
29 T 451 Hobbit P J Madigan, Blackwell
David Saxton Bellevue, WA Photo's on web, lengthened to 70', for sale 2003
30 T 452 Mary B P J Madigan
Ralph Ericksen Seattle, WA Fishing Portland/ Seattle
31 T 453 Cormorant Gator III
Marine College Lexington, NC FOR SALE Training Vessel, previously owned by the Navy and Air Force
32 T 454 The General  
Sam Haigh Norwalk, CT 2 Deck wheelhouse
33 T 455 R/V Schock     ?John Ericson York River, VA? U RI Reasearch vessel, sold 1993
34 T 456 Varsity  
Violet Shearer Juneau, AK Fishing, prev US Navy, and Air Force
35 T 457 Gayle Mary Georgetown Pilot
  Sank in Gulfstream Sank off Freeport Bahamas in 1993- anchor punched hole in fwd spaces. Photo of sinking.
36 T 458 Tursiops     Florida State Univ   Photo on web 1972, R/V. No further info
37 T 459            
38 T 460 Jane Yarn R/V Benthos   Grays Reef Marine Sanc. Savannah, GA On web, prev US Navy in Charleston as Adm gig. T be sunk as a reef summer 2004.
39 T 461 Ray of Hope Intrepid Explorer, Nereid   Hugh Mowat Cowichan Bay, BC, Canada Reported sold, no further info yet
40 T 462 ?Carlina         Reportedly sold to the Nicaraguan Navy
41 T 463 La Tica     Stephen Lewis Long Beach, CA For sale 2002, sold? Fishing rig
42 T 464           Reportedly used by the Army in Thailand?
43 T 465 Shenehon     NOAA/GLERL Michigan R/V, repowered and fixed up at Cleveland 2002. Photo on the web as "US Lake Survey" pre 1965
44 T 466            
45 T 478 Scotsman S E Raymond
Warren Huff Gig Harbor, WA FOR SALE 2002, fishing
46 T 479            
47 T 480 S E S Propeller Onar
Sea Scouts Seattle, WA On Web. Prev owned by U of WA
48 T 481 Pauline B  
RCL Investments St Louis, MO? Listed as a fishing vessel
49 T 482 Kaizen SES Whidbey
Hugh Schmidt Scappoose, OR Went to Korea, then AK
50 T 483 Grey Eagle Trooper
Robert Nash Big Lake AK 4/21/04 For sale in Bellingham WA, sale pending
51 T 484    
52 T 485 ?Tudor?         Rumored to be used by the ACE in Vietnam-possibly crossed Pacific with dredge "Davisson" for USACE?
53 T 486 Miss Lena Ashepoo, Sea Explorer
Randall Williams Spring, TX Haiti Flag, possibly fishing or cargo. Photo seen at Nassau 2004 as "Ashepoo".
54 T 487            
55 T 488 R V Victory         Photo seen "on a voyage to Nicaragua"
56 T 489           Possible at Panama Canal?
57 T 490 R/V Adam Hyler Piadl IV
Bill Kerber New York, NY Sea Scout and Training
58 T 491 Stormbird Storm Bird
The Narrows Co. Halibut Cove AK  
59 T 492 Sea Explorer       New Orleans Photo seen as a liveaboard, No further info
60 T 493 Gennie Thunderbird   Ron Turnow Long Island For sale 2004
61 T 494 Neeskay North Star
U of Wisc Sturgeon Bay Reportedly went to Korea, then based in the Hudson River in the 70's.
62 T 495            
63 T 496            
64 T 497 Irving Chestnut  
Irving Oil St John, NB, Canada Reportedly used as a linehandling boat for supertankers.
65 T 498 R/V Linwood Holten     Old Dominion U Norfolk, VA Sold at auction 2/203- no further info
66 T 499 Viking  
Bridgeton Port Authority Cohansey River, NJ Sank on June 12, 1992. Raised and scrapped.
67 T 500            
68 T 501 R/V Perkins Hydra
East Carolina University Wilmington, SC? Army Corps service in Buffalo District, then EPA vessel Hydra in Cleveland.
69 T 502 Virazon     INA Bodrum, Turkey Dive vessel for INA in Turkey, crossed Atlantic on own bottom in 70's.
70 T 503 Andmac California, Triumph, Nancy Lee, Shannon
Andmac Fisheries Fairhaven, MA Fishing Vessel, reportedly heavily modified.
71 T 504 Mi-T-Mo Ocean Searcher
Mike Efford Baltimore, MD Liveaboard
72 T 505 Nancy Christine II Dolphin
B. Ingham   Fishing
73 T 506            
74 T 507 Leviathan Privateer, Karen Marie, One Nation, Matey
Deals on Wheels Whittier, AK  
75 T 508            
76 T 509 Pathfinder Nokomis, Stillwater   Hal and Susan Oaks Spruce HEad, ME For sale 2003, raised pilothouse
77 T 510 USA       Carlestadt, NJ Sunk- Photo- Shooter's Island? Maybe
78 T 511            
79 T 512 Retriever Mango Moon
Island Transit Ft. Lauderdale, FL Classed with USCG as a cargo vessel, running to Bahamas as a freighter
80 T 513 Sea Dart II  
Sea Scouts New York, NY Sea Scout training vessel
81 T 514 Manning     NATO La Spezia, Italy Used by NATO for "acoustic research"- equipped with a silent drive. Sold 2002?
82 T 515 WattsTUse Trine, Tradewinds
Earl Watts St Petersburg, FL rumored to have been a fishing vessel in Caribbean BVI flag prior to rebuild as a liveaboard.
83 T 516 Carina Pisces, Tricia
DeWitt Withington Clayton, NY Bought in USVI and sailed to Clayton, NY-rebuilding as liveaboard.
84 T 517 Norspak  
Alvin Frink Los Angeles, CA No further info- fishing?